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Nowadays, the pressure to develop more efficient, environmentally friendly technologies requires the identification of new recyclable and performing catalysts. The use of the catalysts is already recognised as an efficient way to achieve highly sustainable technologies. Therefore the main scope of the conference will be devoted to identify the main Romanian initiatives in this sense. In this context, the Symposium is aiming to allow the members of the Romanian Catalysis Society to present their recent achievements in the field of catalysis and to provide an AGORA for fruitful discussions and future cooperation. The participation of the industrial partners is one of the keys ensuring the success of this Symposium.

Several international partners already accepted to be part of the International advisory board and to deliver plenary or keynote lectures. Under these conditions the language of the Symposium will be English.

A time table about the future of the catalysis in Romania and the opportunity to organize a large platform will be analyzed during the Symposium

A special attention will be devoted to the participation of young scientists. The board of the Symposium already decided to introduce a price for the best oral and poster presentations delivered by young scientists.



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