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The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures has a tradition of over 50 years. It is represented by seven units: Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian. There are also visiting lectures of Macedonian and Slovenian. The 21 members of the department carry out a sustained research and teaching activity; most of them are well known for their works and participation in international symposia on Slavic studies.
The Master's degree programme in Slavic studies consists in advanced studies from a perspective that stresses a contrastive approach with Romanian. For every language there are foreign lecturers, native speakers who assist language acquisition. Graduates of the department may be found working in the educational network, as well as in media, broadcasting, translation or culture management.
You may download the history of the Slavic Department (in Romanian; an English version will be uploaded as soon as possible), PDF format.











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