General and specific objectives



1) The development of clean technologies for obtaining new advanced materials out of:

a) mixed oxides from hydrotalcite type precursors – materials with memory effect, mesoporous structure and default properties

b) modified zeolite, with mesoporous structure and tailored properties obtained through superior valorization of local natural zeolite deposits (clinoptilolite) provided by the co-financing economical agent

final result – functional model

2) The development of a complex integrated technology for the utilisation of above mentioned material in advanced depollution of waste water from different fabrication processes and household sewage to allow their classification in the conditions for unloading in the emissary and in water treatment plants NTPA-001, NTPA-002, NTPA-011 from annex 1 to HG362 from 11.05.2005 corresponding to European standards 91/271/EEC

final result – functional model

3) Application of the new materials in eco-friendly processes for the removal of pollutants from fuels

4) Deposal of an application for patent, in 2010

B. Specific objectives for the Partnership program

1) The formation of research networks in the domains of nanotechnology and new materials, by collaboration between universities, national research-development institutes, research institutes part of SNC and private institutes with activity in the design-research-development domain.

2) Attracting research co-financing by IMM type economical agents which would benefit from the results and practical application of the research.

3) Growth of integration capacity in European level programs and partnerships within the thematic range Nanosciences and nanotechnologies, new materials and production processes, following the development of an industry based on knowledge and within the thematic range 5: Surrounding environment (including climate change)








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