Inaugural Events

University of Bucharest 

Monday, June 20, 2011, morning (Senate Hall, Bd. Kogalniceanu 36-46)

9.30-11.00 AWARD CEREMONY. Doctor Honoris Causa Conferred to Professor Daniel Dennett (Tufts University, Boston, USA)

11.30-13.00 Lecture. Daniel Dennett, Using Humor to Reverse-Engineer the Mind

Monday, June 20, 2011, afternoon (Faculty of Philosophy, Splaiul Independentei 204)

17.00-18.30 Lecture. Daniel Dennett, Free Will

Inaugural Workshop / New Directions in Cognitive Science

University of Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy, Splaiul Independentei 204

Tuesday June 21, 2011 

8.30-9.00 Opening Remarks. Ioan Panzaru (Rector, University of Bucharest); Radu Bogdan (Tulane University, University of Bucharest), Director OPEN MIND


The Reasoning Session

9.00-10.15 Dan Sperber (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris; Central European University, Budapest). Reasons for Reasoning

10.15-11.30 Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest). The Experimental Philosophy of Reasoning

11.30-11.45 Coffee Break

The Mind Extension Session

11.45-13.00 Pierre Jacob (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris). Embodying the Mind by Extending It

13.00-14.00 Short lunch break


The Development Session

14.00-15.15 Gyorgy Gergely (Central European University, Budapest). Mind-reading and Understanding Communcative Agency in Preverbal Infants

15.15.-16.30 Radu Bogdan (Tulane University; University of Bucharest). Development as Evolutionary Assembler of Mental Abilities

16.30-16.45 Cofee break


The Consciousness Session

16.45-18.00 Nicholas Humphrey (London School of Economics). Soul Dust: The Magic of Consciousness

18.00-19.15 Daniel Dennett (Tufts University). Failures of Imagination and the "Mystery of Consciousness"

The Dennett lectures and the inaugural workshop are free and open to the public.

For further information about these inaugural events: 

Program Coordinator, OPEN MIND

Dr. Alina Tigau, Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Bucharest


Tel: [40][0]722 228 980

Introductory seminars

Professor Radu Bogdan (Tulane University and University of Bucharest) has lectured on and discussed "New Directions in Cognitive Sciences" Tuesday, June 14; Thursday, June 16; Tuesday, June 28; Thursday, June 30, from 16.00-18.00, at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei 204. 

 The introductory seminars are part of the Master Program and will count toward the degree. The Master students should also attend the guest lectures presented during the inaugural events of June 20 and 21. The guest lectures will be discussed in the final introductory seminars. 

The Master students should register with the Program Coordinator. 





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