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Project manager: Dr. Valentin BARNA

CV of the Project manager

Project manager CV:

Dr. Valentin BARNA

Date and place of birth :  30.06.1980, Bucharest (Romania).  

Civil status: Single.    Nationality: Romanian.   

Education: Graduated.

Valenti Barna


* 1995 - 1999  National College "Ghe. Lazar", Bucharest (Romania)

* 1999 - 2003  Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest .Diploma of Graduation – Summa cum Laude 2003.  Polymers Liquid Crystals Department (University of Bucharest).

* 2003 - 2007  PhD Diploma in Physics (Summa cum Laude) at University of  Calabria (UNICAL) – Italy.

* 2006 - invited PhD researcher at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland - USA).

* 2006 - Post-Doctoral Studies in Physics at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland - USA). 


Professional Expertise

* 2013 - present    Associate Professor at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics.   ----- Soft Matter Courses and Laboratories (Liquid Crystals, Polymers, Nanotechnologies etc) and Mechanics Laboratories.

* 2009 - 2013       Assistant Professor at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics.  ----- Soft Matter Courses and Laboratories (Liquid Crystals, Polymers, Nanotechnologies etc) and Mechanics Laboratories.

Awards, Distinctions and Honors

* Romanian Academy Award in Sciences for scientific research activity in 2005.

* Romanian National Council of Research - „IN HOC SIGNO VINCES” Award 2010 for  

 Outstanding Reasearch Activity in the last years.

* Romanian Ministry of Education and Research --- „Best Young Researcher” Award 2010.


----- Foreign Languages:  English (excellent), Italian (excellent), French (good), Romanian (native).

----- Other skills:  Computer literacy – Windows, MS Office, Origin, Hardware.

----- Contact EMail :

Main research results.  The research expertise of the project manager cover many topics from Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science such as: Optics and Photonics of  Bandgap Materials (Photonic Crystals & Chiral Liquid Crystals); Lasing in Periodic, Quasiperiodic and Random Media; Physical properties of confined Liquid Crystal materials in sculptured polymeric microcavities presenting different geometries; Random Lasing and Weak Localization of Light in Nematic Liquid Crystals; Surfaces and Interactions in Nematic Liquid Crystals - Thin Polymer Films; New soft materials and applications in photonics and optics;  NSOM and Nanoimaging investigations of birefringent ordered materials; Plasma Polymerization Technique; AFM nanoscribing techniques; Electro-Hydrodynamic Instabilities in Polymer Films; AFM, NSOM, DSC, SE Ellipsometry, VIS-IR Spectrometry; UV Nanolitography etc.

Summary of the main research results that were published in prestigious ISI journals:

- The world level premiere in obtaining the first organic random laser in nematic materials.

- The world level premiere in obtaining the first organic random laser in nematic materials without confinement and resonant cavity – of free standing and freely suspended type.

- The state distribution calculus in the frontier zone for forbidden photonic bands in cholesteric liquid crystals.

- The manufacture and characterization of fast switching, innovative system/devices for nematic liquid crystala with immediate applications in the field of LCD displays.

- Role of polyaniline in the electronic/ionic conduction in nematic cells for LCD displays.

- The premiere in adapting a Scanning Near Field Optical Microscope instrument for working in polarized conditions in liquid crystalline materials while achieving extremely high volume resolutions (more than 500 times higher than in the case of similar modern analysis techniques such as fluorescence microscopy etc).

- The first high-resolution NanoTomography for nematic liquid crystals pre-oriented at nanoscale levels.

- First time experimental measurements of the birefringence and length extrapolation values for nematic liquid crystals at nanoscale patterned surfaces.

- The study of scattering and retro-diffusion of light in liquid crystalline materials in turbulent regime conditions while controlled by an electric field.

- Experimental studies of spontaneous and DFB laser emission in systems of cholesteric liquid crystals doped with active dye molecules.

- Manufacturing of the first array of DFB organic ultra-compact tunable lasers in cholesteric doped liquid crystal materials and their physical characterization.

- Manufacturing and characterization of polymeric thin films deposited via of low temperature plasma polymerization technique.

- Role of thermal treatment on the deposition of thin layers (mono and multi molecular) on conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) surfaces.

- Theoretical study and Monte Carlo simulations for surface anchoring behavior and bulk molecular distribution for liquid crystalline materials, in the presence of topological defects.

Scientific Results: over 40 ISI articles published between 2004 – 2015 (NATURE Physics, Phys. Rev. Lett, Appl. Phys. Lett, Phys. Rev. E, Opt. Lett., Optics Express etc) having over 350 citations up to date (Hirsch Index = 11); 3 Non-ISI articles; More than 50 oral presentations and posters at national/international scientific conferences and meetings; Several Interviews in Scientific magazines/journals;  5 books/ chapters in books (coauthor) and 1 international patent (coauthor).

ISI Publications (Selection):

1. ”Fast electro-optic switching in nematic liqiud crystals”

       A.L.Ionescu, A.Ionescu, E.S.Barna, V. Barna, N. Scaramuzza,

       Applied Physics Letters Vol 84(1) pp. 40-42. January 5, (2004)


2. “Molecular simulation of the free surface order in NLC samples“

       N. Scaramuzza, C.Berlic, V. Barna, E.S.Barna, G.Strangi, A.Ionescu,

       Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 108(10), 3207-3210, (2004)


3.“Role of delocalized electrons in polyaniline - nematogen

      cyanobiphenyls interaction“

      A.L.Ionescu, A.Ionescu, E.S.Barna, V.Barna, N. Scaramuzza,

      Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 108(26), 8894-8899, (2004)


4. "Color Tunable Distributed Feedback Organic Micro-Cavity Laser"

       G. Strangi, V. Barna, R. Caputo, A. de Luca, C. Versace,    

       N. Scaramuzza, C. Umeton, R..Bartolino, G.Price

       Physical Review Letters 94, 063903, (2005)


5. "Band-Edge and Defect Modes Lasing Due to Confinement of Helixed

Liquid Crystals in Cylindrical Microcavities"

       Barna V. , Ferjani S. , Strangi G. , De Luca A. ,Versace C. , 

       Scaramuzza N.

       Published as article in Applied Physics Letters 87, 221108 (2005)           

       Published also as Journal Cover in Applied Physics Letters, November 2005 Issue.


6 ."Distributed FeedbackMicro-Laser Array: Helixed Liquid Crystals 

Embedded in Holographically Sculptured Polymeric Microcavities"

      Barna V., Caputo R. , De Luca A., Scaramuzza N. , Strangi G. ,         

      Versace C. , Umeton C. , Bartolino R. , Price G. N.

      Optics Express, Vol.14, 7, pp 2695-2705, (2006)


7. "Random Lasing and Weak Localization of Light in Dye-Doped Nematic Liquid Crystals"

        Strangi G., Ferjani S., Barna V., De Luca A., Scaramuzza N., Versace 

        C., Umeton C., Bartolino R.

        Optics Express, 14, 17, 7737-7744 (2006)


8.  "Thermal Behaviour of Random Lasing in Dye Doped Nematic Liquid Crystals"

       Ferjani S., Barna V., De Luca A., Scaramuzza N., Versace C.,

       Umeton C., Bartolino R., Strangi G.

       Applied Physics Letters 89, 121109 (2006)


9. "Random lasing in dye doped nematic liquid crystals: the role of confinement geometry"

       Strangi G., , Ferjani S., Barna V., De Luca A., Versace C., Scaramuzza   

       N., Bartolino R.

       Liquid Crystals and Applications in Optics, Vol. 6587, 5870, (2007)


10. "Random Lasing in Freely Suspended Dye Doped Nematic Liquid Crystals"

        Ferjani S., Barna V., De Luca A., Versace C., Strangi G.

        Optics Letters, Vol. 33 Issue 6, pp.557-559 (2008)


11. "Statistical Analysis of Random Lasing Emission Properties in Nematic Liquid Crystals"

        Ferjani S., Sorriso L-V. Barna V., De Luca A., De Marco R., Strangi G.      

        Physical Review E 78, 011707 (2008)


12. "Nanoscale alignment and optical nanoimaging of a birefringent liquid"

        Barna V., De Luca A., Rosenblatt C.

        Nanotechnology 19, 32, 325709 (2008)


13. "Optical nanotomography of anisotropic fluids"

      Barna V., De Luca A., Atherton T., Carbone G., Sousa M., Rosenblatt C.

      Nature Physics, 4, 869 (2008)


14. "Thermo-Recurrent Nematic Random Laser"

      Ferjani S., De Luca A., Barna V., Versace C., Strangi G.

      Optics Express, Vol. 17, No. 3, 2042, (2009)


15. "Direct measurement of surface-induced orientational order parameter profile above the  

      nematic - isotropic phase transition temperature"

      Lee J-H., Atherton T., Petschek R.G., Barna V., De Luca A., Bruno E., Rosenblatt C.

      Physical Review Letters 102, 167801 (2009)


16. "Coherent backscattering and dynamical light localization in liquid crystals driven

      throughout chaotic regimes"

      Carbone F., De Luca A., Barna V., Ferjani S., Versace C., Strangi G.

      Optics Express 17, 16, 13435 (2009)  


17. “Monte Carlo simulation of the molecular distribution and optical properties of a nematic

       liquid crystal system with periodic surface gratings”

       C. Berlic and V. Barna, Optics Express, 18, 23, 23646 (2010).


18. “Amplification of light and random laser action in partially ordered dye-doped nematics”

        V. Barna, A. de Luca, S. Ferjani and G Strangi,

        Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 5, 11 (2011)


19. "Periodic and aperiodic liquid crystal-polymer composite structures realized via spatial light modulator direct holography"

        Infusino, M; De Luca, A; Barna, V; Caputo, R; Umeton, C

        OPTICS EXPRESS,  20, 21, 23138  (2012)


20. "The effect of the electric field on the nematic liquid crystal molecular redistribution in the  

       vecinity of an immersed spherocylindrical nanoparticle"

       Berlic, C; Moisescu, M; Barna, V

       Digest Journal Of Nanomaterials And Biostructures,  7, 4, 1401   (2012).


21. "Analytical approach for type-II semiconductor spherical core–shell quantum dots

       heterostructures with wide band gaps"

       Tiberius O. Cheche , Valentin Barna , Yia-Chung Chang,

       Superlattices and Microstructures, 60, 475–486   (2013)


22. "Para-phenylene derivatives obtained by plasma polymerization technique"

       Nastase, C., Dumitru, A., Barna, V., Nastase, F.; Digest

       Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures 8 (4), pp. 1811-1818 (2013)


23. "Study of the instantaneous nucleation phenomena in soft matter systems by means of Monte  

       Carlo simulation"

       Berlic, C., Barna, V., Manolescu, B., Dena, D. ;

       Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures 9 (1), pp. 197-204 (2014)


24. "Investigation Of Polymer Nucleation Process In N-Dimensional Space",

       C. Berlic, V. Barna, B. Manolescu;

       Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures 10, 4, 1365 (2015)


Research Team Members: Dr. Lucian Filip, Dr. Adriana Balan, Simona Iconaru, Valentina Marascu, Bogdan Butoi, Mihai Dinu.






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