Conf. dr Oana-Dana Balaş


I am a lecturer in the Department of Romance Linguistics, Iberoromance and Italian Languages and Literatures, where I teach Spanish MorphologySpanish Practical Courses and Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting. I hold a PhD degree in Philology (University of Bucharest, 2012, advisor PhD professor Sanda Reinheimer Rîpeanu). My thesis is concerned with Spanish indefinite tal (‘such’) in pre or postnominal position and its indefinite equivalents in Romanian (asemeneaaşaatareastfel de). The analysis reveals their syntactic, semantic and discourse properties in Spanish and in Romanian. I show that in both languages these elements are characterized, to a greater or lesser extent, by determiner or quantifier-like properties that must be taken into account. They also exhibit a relational dimension that is fundamental when it comes to explaining their referential mechanism.

Research interests 

• Romance languages (Romanian, Spanish, Catalan)

• Formal syntax

• Semantics of determiners and quantifiers

• Reference

• (In)definiteness

• Specificity

• Deixis and anaphora

• Translation and interpreting



Semestrul 1


Luni, 12.00 (săptămână impară)

Joi, 12.00 (săptămână pară)



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