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Scientific Programme

29.05.2013 30.05.2013 31.05.2013
Hour Activity Hour Activity Hour Activity
9:00 Registration 9:00 PL3 Xenophon Verykios 9:00 PL5 Jeroen van Brokkoven
9:15 Welcome
9:30 PL1 –Rudger van Santen
9:50 O10  Simona Coman 9:50 O13 Jürgen Liebscher
10:10 KN3 Pascal Granger 10:10 O14 Viorel Sasca
10:20 Coffee Break
10:30 Coffee Break
10:40 Coffee Break
10:50 O1 Mugurel Ciobica
11:00 O15 Victor Kuncser  
11:10 KN1 Josef Margitfalvi 11:10 KN4 Andras Tompos
11:20 O16 Florina Matei
11:40 O2 Violeta Niculescu 11:40 O11 Georgeta Postole  11:40 O17 Cezar Marcu
12:00 KN2 Sebastien Royer 12:00 O12 Robert Barthos 12:00 O18 Anna Śrębowata
12:20 Lunch Break 12:20 Lunch Break
12:30 Lunch Break
13:20 PL4 Pedro Amoros  13:20 KN5 Kostas S. Triantafyllidis
13:30 PL2 Fabrizio Cavani
13:50 O19 Cornel Munteanu
14:10 EXCURSION AND BANQUET 14:10 O20 Harnos Szabolcs
14:20 O3 Diana Lazar
14:30 Coffee Break
14:40 O4 Cristian M. Teodorescu
15:00 O5 Westermann Alexandre 15:00 SCR Meeting
15:20 O6 Emília Tálas
15:40 Coffee Break
16:10 O7 Ana-Maria Preda    
16:30 O8 Izabela Kaminska    
16:50 O9 Madalina Sandulescu    


Oral Presentations

Please note that the time allocated to each oral presentation is 45 minutes for Plenary speakers, 25 minutes for Keynote speakers, and 15 minutes for both Invited speakers and regular speakers.
Power Point or Acrobat PDF slides for presentation on a LCD video projector are recommended.

We recommend that presenters bring their presentation files stored in a CD-ROM or a USB thumb drive (flash disk).
All presenters can upload their presentation files into the computer on the morning of their presentation from 08:45 a.m. onwards, or during the coffee breaks. An assistant will help you.

Poster Presentations

Poster Board
You will be provided with a poster board to mount/display your poster. Posters MUST be in PORTRAIT format. Your session code will be indicated on the board. You will be provided with the material to mount your poster onto the board.

Poster Size
80x120 cm (A0)



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